We all look for validation of some sort. Validation from our parents, friends, spouses, children. I feel like it is almost impossible to live in this world, detached from the feelings of others. In theory, it should be possible. That is what the realised souls, saints and spiritual leaders tell us. They tell us to be content with ourselves. Validation in reality comes from ego. It comes from the fact that we associate ourselves with what we do and who we have become. In art, it comes from a place of wanting to be recognised for our work. We have all felt this way as artists. We want people to validate our work. We feel happy when our art is recognised. We feel affronted when our work is criticised and judged, we are threatened by derogatory comments. We often begin to think of what people will want even before we begin our work. I wonder sometimes if it is ego at play that makes us feel the need to please.

I have consciously tried to let go of these feelings. I still feel happy when people appreciate my dance. I feel like I have shared something of value to me. I however, have slowly tried to let go of the need for validation. It is almost impossible! Let me say that. We are faced with it everyday. In every aspect of life! "Like" or "dislike" , "number of views", etc. It is present in front of us like a never ending array of comments, quotes, appreciative messages or critical articles. Especially as a performer, where our lives are on display, it is difficult to get away from this.

I want to reach my art to people. I want audiences to share in my journey, experience and empathise with the characters and stories I portray. But at the same time, I do not want validation to dictate the content of my art, my thoughts.

I feel like this is very important to recognise this as an artist. It has made a world of difference to me and I can feel my dance growing stronger and more layered as IA�allow this idea to enter my dancing, choreography and creative process.

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  1. Sahana Srinivas says:

    You are such an inspiration Rukmini ma'am. 🙂
    Your dedication,efforts,your deep thoughts,the encouragement to people who follow you is immense and very motivating. I look forward everyday for your posts and blog. For those words that plant inside me a deep urge to take up that what I have left.
    Thank you! 🙂

  2. Shri Abirami Jayaraman says:

    The last line was deep.
    "I can feel my dance growing stronger and more layered as I allow this idea to enter my dancing, choreography and creative process."

    More layered and stronger when we isolate from validation - intriguing because there is so much depth inside of us that could actually get diluted by looking for constant validation instead of these external factors adding to it. Very intriguing. Thank you for this inspiration akka! 🙂

  3. Donkesavan says:

    Love how you said in theory it should be possible. Easier saud than done, right? 🙂 glad to know a person like you, too, experience these emotions. Much love.

  4. GS Rajan says:

    It was long ago when i first saw Rukmini dancing in Bangalore. That was a duet Bharata Natyam show still fresh in my mind. At that moment i knew that this is an artist and not just dancer. Later i mentioned Rukmini”s name along with three others who will conquer the Indian dancing scene. All Indian classical dance forms though looks different according to regional culture, they all refer back to one text, the Naatya Shaastra. Rukmini is perhaps one dancer who will give us “Indian Classical Dance” integrating technics from other forms without forsaking the base, sooner or later.

  5. Guru Prasad says:

    The need for validation is at supreme in the case of an artist because of the very act. It requires audience.
    These audience in most cases are humble beings that have curious eyes and they want to witness magic.
    In the realm of sound we get absorbed and they want to look at our reality.
    What you are taking about is enlightenment and I'm humbled to witness your existence and enjoy your evocativeness with the art that has become pillars to our life.
    Loads of love from the land of Nataraja. I'm from Cushman.

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