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Stopping Traffic Downtown With a Subcontinenta��s Movements.

a�?Wednesdaya��s performance brought a strikingly lovely woman, Rukmini Vijayakumar, dancing both the Bharatanatyam idiom and a modern numbera��..The slender, supple Ms. Vijayakumar has a stirringly beautiful face, with burning eyes that repeatedly catch the observera��s breath; and she makes those eyes part of the fabric of the dance. She uses the whole body, sometimes acrobatically. She is the first Bharatanatyam dancer I can remember to do the splits, and in her modern solo she takes one sculptural balance and then adjusts it to hold her foot, behind her, up by her heada��..the glories of her dancing are primarily in her upper body: her lower-body rhythm is clear but soft in enunciation. In terms of gesture, switches of angle and communicating swift changes of emotion (alarm, then surprise, then joy), she is not just engaging but also authoritative.a�?

August 18th 2011, By Alastair Macaulay

a�?a��.Rukmini Vijayakumar mesmerized the audience by her sterling Bharatanatyam performance at Bharat Bhavana�?

Hindustan Times, September 27th 2008, Bhopal

a�?Performance of dancer, Rukmini Vijayakumar drew the attention of everybody during the Kalidas Festival. The audience steadily observed expression and movementa��a��Her perfect timing and rhythm with the music was extraordinary and hugely appreciated by the audiencesa��a�?

Indore Journal, November 6th 2006, Indore

Dance is her breath and soul

a�?Dance is the hidden language of the soul, the mind and the body, and for Rukmini Vijayakumar, it is her life breath. The Bangalore based danseuse gave an astounding performance in Bharat Kalachar, where she made the audience go into raptures even before she completed a dance piecea��..Her performance held the audience spellbounda��..the Varnam, which she performed with ease was highly appreciated.

News Today, 22nd August 2005, Chennai

Sublime Abhinaya

a�?Rukmini Vijayakumar gave an enchanting performance. The angalakshanas in nritta, nrutya and natya were well coordinated with angikabhinaya. The agility of the rechakas were an artistry of coherence.a�?

The Hindu, 1998, Bangalore

“….The expressive agnikabhinaya and fine finish in stanaka postures in tune with rhythmical
sanchari were appreciable…..”

The Hindu, March 8th, 2002

“..Standing out is the lithe Indian film actor and bharatanatyam dancer Rukmini Vijayakumar, a temple dancer in gorgeously coloured silks. Everything about her sparkled: her rhythmic footwork, poses, facial expressions and super-clear hand movements…”

– David Mead, Seeing dance, on Ravishankar’s Opera Sukanya. May 2017

Rukmini Weaves Magic

a�?Rukmini Vijayakumar stepped gracefully onto the 2006 dance festival at Khajuraho and held the audience spellbound for an hour at the end of which they went into rapturesa��..She was the youngest solo performer this yeara��a��.she creatively wove intricate poses of Kali with powerful nritta and performed the piece with grace and easea��a��each piece was carefully chosen and creatively choreographed to transport the audience into the other realma��.Tears streaming down her face, Rukminia��s surrender to lord Shiva at the end was especially touching. The Ashtapadi in Madhuvanti was her masterpiecea��. each of the characters came across crystal cleara�� her interpretation, innovative and originala��a��each teermana was perfectly executed to talaa��.Rukmini is a young and extraordinarily talented dancer, one to watch out for in the dance scene in the futurea��a�?

Bangalore Bias, March 17th 2006

Vigor and elegance combined

Elegant in muted shades of grey and gold, Rukmini Vijayakumar displayed the same sense of aesthetics in her Bharatanatyam performance for Bharat Kalachar. Her style is like a supremely crafted piece of work, where every angle, tilt of the head, or eye movement represents a chiseled moment of poetry. The effect was dynamic.

The Hindu, August 26th 2005

Scripting a courageous tale

a�?In Richard Shannona��s play, a�?The Lady of Burmaa��, Rukmini Vijayakumar gave a fitting tribute to one of the greatest heroes of democracy, Aung San Suu Kyi, with her hard hitting performancea��..It was a delight to watch and left audiences contemplativea��..The one-actor performance was a soul stirring narrative on Suu Kyia��s memoriesa��..Rukmini depicted a host of emotions experienced by Suu Kyi, from grief, as her mother passed away, to euphoria, as her party wona��a��The grief Suu Kyi was hounded by on not being able to contact her family was beautifully portrayed by Rukminia��..The Depayin attack where Rukmini described hundred of stones pelting was a tragic narration that left many in the audience sombera��..a�?

Deccan Herald, April 2nd 2011. Bangalore

Stark and Simple

a�? a��.Directed by Prakash Belawadi and starring dancer Rukmini Vijayakumar in a solo role, the play was well attendeda��..Vijayakumar is a fine actor and a powerful dancer. Her sharp features and her wonderful eloquence brought great elegance to her actinga��.Vijayakumar in her role as Suu Kyi brings a great deal of honesty and humanity to performancea��. a�?Theya��re killing everyonea�?, Vijayakumar screams as sound of Machine gunfire is hearda�� tears well up in her eyes as she runs to the ropes. The cosy performance auditorium at the NGMA resonated with Vijayakumara��s passionate outburstsa��..a�?

The Hindu, April 4th 2011, Bangalore

In Step with thoughts

a�?Elegant in fiery shades of pink and orange, Rukmini is one who knows how to carry a warm conversation with anyone.a��..her movements are superbly crafted, every step, the tilt of her head and eye movements are like poetry a��.a�?

The Times of India, May 11th 2011, Coimbatore