Rukmini is passionate about teaching and is keenly interested in expanding her knowledge base in pedagogy and the technique of imparting movement training to students of all ages.

Her research and current interest primarily lie in approaching the methodology of imparting classical training to children through non-intrusive methods while retaining their creative instinct and their natural physical alignment and inclination to move.

Rukmini studied Ballet and Modern dance pedagogy at the Boston Conservatory and is a certified Mat Power Pilates Instructor. She studied Anatomy and Physiology at BU; Nutrition, Biomechanics, and Exercise Physiology at UCLA to help expand her understanding of the human body while delving into research of a new pedagogical system of training classical dancers.

She teaches under the banner of her Bharatanatyam company, Raadha Kalpa, at her art space LshVa, in Bangalore. She has regular classes in Bharatanatyam, Karanas and Pilates, Stretch, and Strength. There are ongoing intensives and training programs for professional dancers at LshVa. Raadha Kalpa runsA�a Professional Training Program in Bharatanatyam and allied arts for children starting atA�the age of 4.

Please check the LshVa or RaadhaKalpa websiteA�for more details on classes.



a�?I believe my children will grow to be everything that I couldn’t be. As I see them grow as dancers, there is a warmth and hope in my heart that I am overwhelmed by. Teaching helps me reinforce my ideas while questioning them all at once. It has helped me develop an open mind, to accommodate the possible perspectives of my students. It makes me see beyond myself as an artist and develop a selflessness that is difficult to cultivate as a solo performing artist.’



Adult Int- Adv Classes:
Tues/Wed/Thurs/Sat: 6:00 am

Beginnner Adult:
Mon/Wed/Sat: 6:00 am/ 6:00 am/ 9:30 am

Beginnner Kids:
/Wed/Sat: 6:30 pm/ 9:30 am

Tues/Wed/Thurs/Sat: 5:00 pm

Pilates, Stretch & Strength
Tue/Thurs: 8:00 am

Rukmini has conducted many workshops and lecture demonstrations for students of dance as well as for corporates, theater practitioners and college students. Her workshops are fun, challenging and informative. She structures them to cater to the needs of her audiences.

For enquiries contact:
[email protected]