The Person

Rukmini, is the Artistic Director of her Classical Dance Company Raadha Kalpa and Director of her ArtA�Space LshVa.


Rukmini’s style is a summation of all her learning and experiences. Her primary training and rigorous practice has been in Bharatanatyam. Initiated into the form by Guru Padmini Rao, she later pursued a deeper study and understanding of Bharatanatyam under Late Guru Narmada Rao. Her Bharatanatyam practice and ideas of movement are influenced greatly by her training under Guru Sundari Santhanam, in Karanas (the research of Dr. Padma Subramanyam). Her Bharatanatyam practice doesn’t confine itself to a particular style, but more to an aesthetic and dynamic choice that varies from one choreography to another.


Yoga, Ballet, and Acting becameA�a part of her training through her teenage years. She went on to intensify her training and practice in Modern Dance and Ballet atA�the Boston Conservatory, obtaining a BFA in Modern Dance and Ballet. At the conservatory, she developedA�an awareness of the physical body that influenced her practice of Bharatanatyam. Her approach to choreography and movement changed through her 4 years of intense training in Boston, and her study in the pedagogy of western movement forms made her find new avenues of training the body for Bharatanatyam.


a�?People ask if I tire of working all the time. I’m not sure I work at all. Dance envelops my being. Meera wrote that she had to give up, her social body, her town body, and her family body to be with The Dark One. My Dark One , is my dance.’


SheA�constantly questions and revisits her perceptions as an artist and finds ways to challenge and develop on her work. Her style is developing into a unique reflection of her artistic practices and she has been appreciated in many venues for herA�innovative choreography, athleticism, arresting emotions and attention to detail. Rukmini performs extensively as a Bharatanatyam soloist and travels constantly sharing her work through performances and workshops. Her recent performances at theA�Jacobs Pillow dance festival, the Erasing borders Festival, (USA), Korzo Theater (The Hague), Milapfest , (Liverpool) were well received. She was also part of the London Opera production of “Sukhanya” in 2017, and was recognised for her role as the ‘goddess of love’.


She has received the title of Arsha Kala Bhushan from Swami Dayananda Saraswati, and the Big FM award for dancer of the year from Jaya TV. She works with her dance company Raadha Kalpa and creates ensemble work frequently. HerA�dance productions a�?Nayania�? and a�?Prabhavatia�? toured the USA, and Middle East, in 2012, 2013 raising funds for AIM for Seva. Her new production “The Dark Lord” will premiere in Bangalore in July 2017. She has a unique choreographic perspective that retains tradition while drawing from the ancient to create something that relates to the contemporary.


a�?What I am today, is not what I will be tomorrow. My ideas, thoughts, perspectives & opinions keep changing. I believe that to evolve I must revisit my perspectives. When I allow myself to open up to new ideas, I find my art rejuvenated. ‘


Rukminia��s enthuse in theater and acting prompted her study of Film and Theater at the New York Film Academy and at the Ivana Chubbuck Studios. She has received much appreciation for her delineated character of Aung San Suu Kyi, in the one-woman show, a�?The Lady of Burmaa�?, by Richard Shannon, directed by national award winner, Prakash Belawadi. Rukmini has also acted in various Films. Her first movie directed by Bharathi Raja offeredA�her a unique role in the tamil movie, Bommalattam. Subsequently, her dance song a�?Kana Kangirena�� in the movie Ananda Tandavam was a huge success in the tamil film industry. She has later appeared in a�?Kochadaiyaana�� as Rajinikantha��s Sister and the Bollywood movie, a�?Shamitabha�?. A�She was nominated for the Filmfare award for ‘best supporting actress’ for her role in the Kannada movie a�?Bajarangia�� . Most recently she has played the supporting lead in Mani Ratnama��s a�?Kaatru Veliyidaia�?


Though Rukminia��s interests and training are varied, her true passion lies in dance. Her dedication to dance and constant effort to strive for perfection is epitomised in every performance of hers. Her daily practice and incessant hours in the studio, constantly honing and tuning her skills every day, has made her a performer who learns with each performance and with every experience. A true student and an ‘incessantly blossoming artista��.